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Understanding our clients’ unique wealth management needs is our highest priority. At Tedstrom Wealth Advisors, building trusted relationships is the foundation of our business—and our source of greatest professional satisfaction.

The first step in our financial planning practice is to lead clients through our proprietary Wealth Empowerment Process™. We begin by applying our dedicated financial guidance to develop a comprehensive and strategic financial plan that focuses on your overarching goals for the future. But goals can change, and so we’re always ready to make adjustments when necessary.

Below is a menu of the wealth empowerment services we offer at Tedstrom Wealth Advisors.

Retirement and Financial Independence Planning

Whether you have decades before retirement or you were ready to retire yesterday, it’s never too early (or late) to start planning for the retirement you want. Creating a plan means painting a larger picture of tomorrow’s dreams such as family travel, philanthropic pursuits, time for passion projects or starting a new business.

To help our clients work toward preparing for retirement (also called financial independence), we consider future health care costs, a mix of tax-deferred and taxable savings, tax implications, giving plans and your overall investment strategy.

Depending on your unique wealth management plan, your Tedstrom advisor will:

  • Create a personalized plan using "Your 'What If' Tool for Financial Independence™"
  • Monitor your own Perpetual Goal Tracker™
  • Pursue an optimal rate of withdrawal by stress testing your plan
  • Calculate ways that aim to maximize pension and Social Security benefits
  • Explore tax-efficient methods for converting retirement assets into income
  • Offer strategies for overcoming retirement-related risks

Investment Planning and Management

We have discovered that the best investment plan is one that is thoughtfully created as well as diversified and aimed to mitigate market volatility.

Once our clients have gone through our proprietary Wealth Empowerment Process™, we establish a foundation for their investment planning framed within the client’s risk tolerance and time horizon. We know very well that investment management changes over time as circumstances and goals evolve, so our role is to anticipate and make adjustments to their investment portfolio.

As a trusted Denver financial planning firm, we will:

  • Consider your risk tolerance and personal investment objectives with the Riskalyze tool
  • Determine an appropriate asset allocation strategy
  • Present a customized investment strategy that’s tailored to address your unique plan
  • Analyze and select investment managers after completing extensive due diligence
  • Assess tax implications of portfolio changes
  • Regularly monitor and re-balance your investment portfolio

There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification and asset allocation does not protect against market risk.

Rebalancing a portfolio may cause investors to incur tax liabilities and/or transaction costs and does not assure a profit or protect against a loss.

Tax Planning

High-net worth individuals and families have particular tax planning considerations, and our experienced team can help manage the impact of income, federal, state, estate and gift taxes.

At Tedstrom Wealth Advisors, we work toward limiting the impact of taxes on appreciating family assets such as real estate, closely-held businesses and financial holdings. We assist clients in identifying efficient and effective structures to pass on wealth to younger family members.

As part of a holistic view of our clients’ wealth management strategy, Tedstrom Wealth Advisors will:

  • Consider tax implications of income and withdrawal plans
  • Conduct tax-loss harvesting
  • Establish a working relationship with client CPAs 

Business Financial Planning

At Tedstrom Wealth Advisors, we help business owners plan for business and personal financial success. We’ve worked with business owners for decades, and we strive to align our clients’ priorities with their long-term personal goals, objectives and dreams.

When running a business, it’s quite common to become so involved in the day-to-day work that the business owner neglects their personal finances. But personal savings must become a priority to achieve financial independence and build personal wealth.

Through our business financial planning services, Tedstrom advisors will:

  • Create strategies to protect businesses against the loss of key employees
  • Recommend appropriate retirement savings plans for the business owners and employees
  • Suggest ways to protect a business partnership
  • Develop a customized exit strategy
  • Evaluate ways to retain company ownership within the family

Education Planning

College costs are continually on the rise, necessitating the development of smart strategies to deal with the cost of higher education. Tedstrom advisors have confidently and professionally guided their clients through a process in which they:

  • Develop savings strategies to address uncertain educational goals for children and grandchildren
  • Evaluate savings vehicles to balance tax efficiency and flexibility
  • Analyze and determine appropriate investments for an education fund

Risk Management

It’s vital that high-net worth individuals and families consider their exposure to risk through a variety of channels. Tedstrom Wealth Advisors will:

  • Evaluate existing insurance coverage (life, health, property/casualty, long-term care, buy-sell, key man)
  • Create asset protection, goal protection, income protection and liability protection strategies
  • Establish a working relationship with insurance specialists and attorneys

Estate Planning

Proper estate planning can not only protect families from unnecessary worry and stress, but it also offers our clients a deep confidence their future is protected.

Tedstrom Wealth Advisors works with high-net worth individuals and families to:

  • Confirm the estate plan matches intentions
  • Coordinate with estate planners and attorneys
  • Implement wealth transfer and gifting strategies
  • Aim to minimize estate taxes
  • Facilitate intergenerational discussions between family members

Philanthropic Planning

Our clients with philanthropic objectives have many reasons for giving, including a sense of obligation or "giving back," practical concerns, religious beliefs or a desire to support a charity that has deeply personal roots.

Tedstrom Wealth Advisors can help make the most of the tax benefits associated with charitable giving through a mix of strategies for charitable gift programs. Our strategies for clients include:

  • Charitable bequests
  • Private family foundations
  • Charitable remainder trusts
  • Endowment funds
  • Appreciated stock

Additional Services

  • Concierge Services
  • Technology and mobile access
  • Banking and personal finance
  • Protection and security
  • Family and household services