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Life can be unpredictable and no one can peer into the future. That’s why we’re pleased to offer Your “What If” Tool for Financial Independence™ to our clients. This interactive and innovative financial planning tool allows you to envision all kinds of financial scenarios and see how potential changes impact your likelihood of success.

By using our financial “What If” tool, we’ll walk beside you as we consider the future. We’ll analyze and compare financial plans, simulate multiple scenarios, prioritize goals and prepare a model for the future. While it’s no crystal ball, using Your “What If” Tool for Financial Independence™ is one more step toward our goal of providing financial planning that offers confidence, clarity and comfort.

Below are some common scenarios that many of our clients ask:

  • Does spending less now allow us to retire earlier?
  • Can we afford to take less risk with our investment portfolio?
  • Are we saving enough to meet our long-term goals such as travel or buying a second home?
  • Does our plan currently account for health care expenses in the future?
  • What if Social Security provides less than expected?
  • Can we afford to give more to children or grandchildren now without sacrificing our current lifestyle?
  • At what sale price can I walk away from my business and feel comfortable that I have enough?

Contact Peter or Amy today to discover how the innovative and powerful Your “What If” Tool for Financial Independence™ can put you on the road to financial independence.